Remember Me
I am Justin Degraaf

Justin is a freelance bass player hailing from Toronto! Appearing on many national televised specials from stations such as Much Music, Much More Music, CityTV, CMT, Rogers TV, CTV, Shaw TV and the Family Channel as well as radio stations across the country! He has toured internationally with artists such as Coca Cola Covers winner / Sony, Gold record recording artist Tyler Shaw, Universal records, Juno winning artist Shawn Desman, Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo, Sony's Gold recording artist Jessie Labelle, Universal Recording and Juno winning artist Divine Brown, Wax Records Virginia To Vegas, Recently certified Gold artist Jocelyn Alice, 21 Music's Jenna Andrews, E!Tonight, Much Music host & Universal Recording artist Jesse Giddings, Warner artists, Eleven Past OneQ Benjamin and Kai, Family Channels own Anastasia A, Countries Lindsay BroughtonSomehow Hollow of Victory Records, The Goodbye Celebration of Kick Rock Records/Japan, Paris 1919 Wax Records, Rosedale, Chiara Young, and more! Additionally, Justin is a part of Toronto's hottest live wedding band, Stella.

Justin currently endorses F bass, Elixir strings, Trayner amps and Vitaly design. As a supplement to his music career, Justin's also branched into acting, commercials, and print work. His portfolio of gigs is made up of work done with H&M, Virgin Mobile, Coca Cola, The MMVA Awards, and many other popular brand name companies.