Remember Me
I am Justin Degraaf

Hey, my name is Justin and I am an experienced freelance musician! For the past ten years I have spent a vast majority of my time writing, rehearsing, and performing on stages both locally and internationally. I posses a true love for music and project that into all of my work and performances.

Currently, I perform as a professional bass player for multiple artists, such as Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo, Gold record Wax Recording artist Jessie Labelle, Universal Recording artist Divine Brown, Coca Cola Covers winner and Gold record artist Tyler Shaw, X Factor/Much Music host & Universal Recording artist Jesse Giddings, Warner artists Q Benjamin and Kai, Anastasia A  of BMMG/Universal Records, Somehow Hollow  of Victory Records, The Goodbye Celebration of Kick Rock Records/Japan, Paris 1919 Wax Records, 99.9 Virgin Radio’s own Eleven Past One, Rosedale, Chiara Young, and much more! Additionally, I am part of a corporate/wedding band known by many as “Stella.”


My musical expertise includes Fender basses, Ampeg amplification, Roland keyboards, and I am also proudly endorsed by Sennheiser. As a supplement to my music career, I have also branched into acting, commercials, and print work. My portfolio of gigs is made up of work done with H&M, Virgin Mobile, Coca Cola, The MMVA Awards, and many other popular brand name companies.

 Any company, individual, or group of individuals that I have ever worked with on the many different gigs that I have had the honor of being a part of throughout the last decade, have found that I am an extremely committed person to all of my work. I love to bring my character into play in all of my gigs, and welcome the task of tackling larger gigs. Shoot me a line, and definitely feel free to message me directly through Facebook, Twitter, or one of the other social media outlets that can be found on my website. I look forward to hearing from you!